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County Sheriff

Contact Gem County Sheriff's Office Dispatch at (208) 365-3521 (option 1) to confirm the status and extradition of Gem County arrest warrants. 
For Gem County Jail visitation hours and other Jail related information call (208) 365-4484.
For SILD and Work Release program information and for sign-up call (208) 477-2208.
For Driver's Services questions call (208) 365-3524. 

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Gem County Sheriff’s Office is using a comprehensive emergency alert and notification system powered by AlertSense.

  • Emergency Alerts
  • Severe Weather Warnings

AlertSense enables us to issue emergency alerts to warn citizens of events such as severe weather, fire, flooding, hazardous materials, need for immediate evacuation, civil danger, local area emergencies, and missing persons.  This service is provided free to our residents and is easy to sign up. Anyone in Gem County/Emmett can register to receive these messages.

We urge all individuals and businesses to register to ensure we can alert you in the event of an emergency which could impact you and your family.

Sign up today and choose the types of emergency alerts, severe weather warnings you would like to receive, as well as your contact information and preferences, eg: text message to your cell phone (message and data rates may apply), email, call to your land line phone number. Registration is especially important for those who use a cellular phone or VoIP phone as their primary number, have an unlisted phone number, or who have changed their phone number or address within the past year.

In order to receive personally relevant alerts and notifications, enter your home or work address so we can send geographically targeted messages. Any information you share will remain private and will only be used to deliver the emergency alerts to which you subscribe.

We encourage you click the link below to visit AlertSense and get signed up today!

Donnie Wunder
Donnie Wunder
Phone (208) 477-2026

Helpful Links
Sex Offenders Search Link
Jail Service Information
Jail PREA Policies & Procedures

Warrant Information
The warrant database is generally updated Monday through Thursday between 7am and 12pm therefore all changes in the status of the warrants may not be reflected. Always verify that a warrant listed is active by calling the Gem County Sheriff’s Department at (208) 365-3521 (option1).

The lists contain the names of people having valid arrest warrants through the Gem County Sheriff’s Office for traffic or criminal offenses. Persons having warrants are subject to arrest upon contact by law enforcement officers.

CAUTION: Misuse of warrant information may subject you to civil or criminal liability. Only peace officers can arrest a person for a warrant. Information contained in this warrant list should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. If you know the location of a wanted person do not take action on your own. Remember, only peace officers can arrest a person for an outstanding warrant. To report the whereabouts of a wanted person, call the Gem County Sheriff’s Office at (208) 365-3521 (option 1). Please be prepared to report the exact location where a wanted person can be found at that time.

Questions? Call the Gem County Sheriff’s Office at (208) 365-3521 (option1)

Contact Information

Chief Deputy

Dave Timony


7:00am to 5:00pm
Mon – Thu






Sgt. Chad Payne

(208) 477-2064

7:00am to 5:00pm
Mon – Thu

Patrol Supervisor

Cpt. Will Barry

(208) 477-2033

7:00am to 5:00pm
Tues – Fri

Jail Commander

Cpt. Katie Rolland


Jail …  24-7

415 E. Main St., Emmett, ID

Lt. Lisa Resinkin


Dispatch Center- Restricted area.
Closed to public access.
Email monitored Mon – Thu 7:00am – 5:00pm

Civil Division
410 E. 1st St. Emmett, ID

Edith Jones


7:00am to 5:00pm
Mon – Fri

Drivers’ License & Weapons Permits
410 E. 1st St. Emmett, ID

Melissa Canaday


7:00am – 5:00pm
Mon – Fri

410 E. 1st St. Emmett, ID

Edith Jones


7:00am – 5:00pm
Mon – Fri


Ben McNevins


7:00am – 4:00pm
Fri – Sat



The Sheriff is responsible (pursuant §31-2202, I.C.) to:

  1. Preserve the peace

  2.  Arrest and take before the nearest magistrate for examination all persons who attempt to commit or who have committed a public offense, unless otherwise provided by law

  3. Prevent and suppress all affrays, breaches of the peace, riots and insurrections which may come to his knowledge

  4. Attend all courts, including magistrate’s division of the district court when ordered by a district judge, at their respective terms held within his county, and obey the lawful orders and directions of the courts

  5. Command the aid of as many male inhabitants of the county as he may think necessary in the execution of these duties

  6. Take charge of and keep the county jail and the prisoners therein

  7. Indorse upon all process and notices the year, month, day, hour and minute of reception, and issue therefore to the person delivering it, on payment of fees, a certificate showing the names of the parties, title of paper and time of reception

  8. Serve all process and notices in the manner prescribed by law

  9. Certify under his hand upon process or notices the manner and time of service, or, if he fails to make service, the reasons of his failure, and return the same without delay

  10. Perform other such duties as are required of him by law

  11. Keep a record of all stolen cars reported within his county, which record shall contain the name of the motor vehicle, the engine number thereof, a complete description of such vehicle and such other information as may aid in the identification of the stolen car. Such record shall be open to public inspection during office hours, and immediately upon receiving a report of a stolen car the sheriff shall prepare and forward a copy thereof to the director of the Idaho state police and he shall also notify the director of the Idaho state police of any and all cars recovered

  12. At the specific request of the governor or his designated agent prevent the unauthorized importation of wild omnivores or carnivores capable of causing injury to people or their property

  13. Work in his county with the Idaho state police in the following respects:

    1. Require all persons using the highways in the state to do so carefully, safely and with exercise of care for the persons, property and safety of others;

    2. Safeguard and protect the surface and other physical portions of the state highways;

    3. Enforce all of the laws of the state enacted for the identifica­tion, inspection and transportation of livestock and all laws of the state designed to prevent the theft of livestock;

    4. Regulate traffic on all highways and roads in the state; and respond to calls following wrecks and make investigations rela­tive to thereto;

    5. Use whatever force is necessary to protect the public from wild or domestic omnivores or carnivores in a manner that is consistent with 50 C.F.R. section 17.84(i).

  14. Work in his county with the Idaho transportation department to give examinations for and sell drivers’ licenses and identification cards.

  15. Expeditiously and promptly investigate all cases involving missing children when such cases are reported to him.

The Sheriff is required to serve and execute warrants of distraint (§63-1013, I.C.) and to seize and sell personal property upon which a property tax delinquency exists (§63-1012, I.C.) or for refusal to pay property tax (§63-1101, I.C.). The Sheriff is also responsible to return appropriate processes and notic­es to other counties (§31-2203, I.C.). The Sheriff is justified in executing all pro­cesses and orders that are regular on their face and issued by compe­tent authority (§31-2213, I.C.), but must show, so long as he retains it, the process, with all papers attached, to any person interested therein (§31-2214, I.C.). The Sheriff is also court crier (§31-2215, I.C.). For further information refer to the IAC Resource Manual.